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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm so angry!

I know I shouldn't vent anger here...and didn't ever think I would but something has recently happened that just makes my blood boil!

As you know Dan is doing absolutely brilliantly with his treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He has completed 2 full cycles of chemotherapy and begins cycle 3 tomorrow. I will be going with him to hospital to speak with the doctors about the rest of his treatment and what we can expect for the next few months.

I'm so proud of Dan for how positive he has been, the outlook he has about life and dealing with this challenge has been amazing!

He has missed a day of work after each chemo treatment, usually the Monday after his Thursday dose each fortnight. But other than that he has been to work each day, sometimes he has had to head home a few hours early or head in a little later than his usual start. Sometimes it breaks my heart to see him go to work on days when he really doesn't have the energy but due to the 'stuff up' by his company with their choice of super funds he has no access to income protection and apparently no access to his long service leave...we'll leave it at that for the moment.

As it stands Dan has about a day and a half of leave left. After that if he doesn't go to work, no pay. Now we are happy to cop that on the chin and see how we manage.

Recently, his work asked him to return to a 'clock card' to 'manage' his work hours. (Dan is on an agreement and salary, that he work 38 hrs a week + 5 hrs overtime), this has NEVER been a problem in the past as he often worked 14+ hr days and heaps of overtime! As the production manager of the place he just accepted the extra hrs as necessary. No complaints. When he got sick the job told him "Don't worry mate, we'll look after you!" I'm beginning to wonder how that works?
After returning to work from hospital he was asked to email his hours to the 'pay officer' and he has been doing that. Now it appears they are questioning his honesty about this. Apparently, they don't believe he could possibly be working the hours he says as he's too crook to do that much...but they still expect him to fulfill his agreement!

The 'pay officer' is rarely in the workplace to even see when Dan is there and I feel like giving them a call and a piece of my mind!

We have been so lucky as a family to receive the support from friends, colleagues and the school community with Dan's recent illness and initially we had complete faith in his workplace that they would assist Dan in remaining in his job without stress for the duration of this time.

I don't know what the solution is to this problem...or understand the greed and stupid, narrowmindedness of some people who only see dollar signs. If I went into further detail I could explain all that Dan has contributed in keeping this company viable whilst similar businesses crumble around them.

I just can't believe that it's okay for my husband to bust his behind for these people when he is going through Cancer Therapy and NOT be given any thought.

He still gets up everyday and is now clocking in and out...he's already done more than his agreed hours...I wonder if he'll get paid the EXTRA hours he's done?
Sadly, I already know the answer to that!

If you know someone who is ill and just gets on with their commitments to work and family, maybe a pat on the back would really help them get through the day!

I'm not naming and shaming but just needed to get this off my chest!

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dan Update

This week Dan had a PET scan to determine the progress of his chemotherapy. A PET scan is similar to a CT scan except they inject radioactive sugars in so he was glowing a little last night...LOL! The radioactive sugars are taken up by the very fast metabolism of any cancer cells and so they are easily identified on the scan.
In Dan's original PET we discovered he was in stage 3 of Aggressive Hodgkins Lymphoma. This meant there was evidence of large lymph nodes in the chest, neck and below the diaphragm in the abdomen as well as around his back.
We hope that this scan will show a significant reduction in those tumours and hopefully most of them will be gone!
If so, then his treatment should be completed after the scheduled 6 cycles of chemo (each cycle includes 2 chemo treatments an 'A' and a 'B' treatment, which are identical). This Thursday will see the completion of cycle 2.
There is a possibility the doctors will choose to continue the chemo through a further 2 more cycles, which would mean he would complete chemo around Christmas/ New Year.
We really hope this isn't the case. We are confident this won't occur. BUT, we have to be open minded about this whole treatment schedule. Because his cancer was particularly aggressive they may decide to ere on the side of caution and give the further treatment.

We have a very long way to go yet and it feels like this has been going on forever some days and it's more the case for Dan of course!
Everyday I am reminded of his resilience and amazing attitude with how he approaches and handles the whole 'thing'! He is my rock and I am so glad he is my Dan. I am so very proud of him. He sometimes quietly says "I wish this was over", and then just carries on.
I see him continuing to work and help me around the house as much as possible. He is extremely conscious of the effect this is all having on me and Isabella and I love him for his quiet and calming love that just makes it feel, a little bit better.

I feel a bit guilty at times, because I am supposed to be the 'strong' one...well, yeah, being proven a bit wrong at times in that department.

No matter what happens this week or what the doctors say to Dan on Thursday when he goes in for chemo again, I know he will put it all aside and continue to move on with his positive way.

I love you so much Dan Bozzoli.